Scegli come essere seguito da Ivan Martellato

  1. Buy consulting plan most suitable for you.
  2. Fill out the nutritional form to get the counseling plan tailored for you.

The waiting time between the start of the collaboration and the sending of the specific plan is about one week. The duration of the plan is valid from the time the chosen protocol is sent by e-mail.

Regardless of the plan chosen, feedback should be sent after 4 and 6 weeks respectively to check on the progress of the protocol (4 weeks) and possible renewal (6 weeks).

The duration of the plan will go according to the chosen protocol, in case of renewal simply purchase the plan again and send an email to Throughout the course you can contact me for clarifications, doubts or explanations or to update me on the progress of the course, which is aimed, in its totality at helping you find the right balance and your well-being. I will take care of you! If you need any other information or want to ask me any questions, I remain at your disposal.

As for questions pertaining to the protocol received they should be asked in a single email. To make them understandable, non-chaotic, and quick to answer, it is preferable that they be asked through bulleted or numbered lists.


Our bespoke schedule will consider every aspect of your life to make you more autonomous and improve your quality of life from every angle.
Nutrition, supplementation are always included. The rest can be added based on your needs. Below you will find the questions you will need to answer in order to receive a holistic plan structured around your person.

Acquista una video consulenza per capire quale piano è il più adatto a te, avrai poi uno sconto dedicato sull’acquisto del piano consulenza scelto.


Choose the consultant plan that suits you best.
View and choose the plan that best suits your needs. You can also purchase it later.


Fill out the form below.
Fill out the form to get a counseling plan tailored to you.


Make the payment for the chosen plan.
During checkout enter the email address used in filling out the form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.