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Ivan Martellato

Class of 1992, I am a Biologist Nutritionist and Kinesiologist.

After earning two degrees, one in exercise science and one in food science, I took the state exam that allowed him to become a biologist.
I then moved to the States where I earned 2 master's degrees one in Functional Medicine with the Institute of Functional medicine (IFM) and one in Peptides Therapy with A4M (Antiaging medicine institute).

My greatest interest in all things related to health in all its facets and a series of synchronicities, probably also related to the period of severe political, social and spiritual turmoil that began in 2020 and is still ongoing, contributed to my pursuit of Functional and Antiaging Medicine, specializations obtained precisely in the place where these "alternative" types of medicine began to be confirmed as viable alternatives to official Medicine.

Throughout my career as a nutritionist, bodybuilding coach, and anti-aging specialist, I have been both creator and chief scientific officer of the genetic testing company vitaeDNA (www.vitaedna.com), and I spent most of my time as a speaker and lecturer in Nutrition and Functional Medicine conferences for the nutraceutical company Metagenics and the School of Functional Medicine and Nutrition (SMNF) in Italy (https://smnf.it);

Through an approach focusing on psychophysical well-being, our priority has always been solving conditions such as hypertension, migraines, insulin resistance, abdominal discomfort, acid reflux, muscle fatigue, contractures and so on.

Degree in Physical Activity Sciences
Degree in Nutrition Sciences
Master in Functional Medicine
Master in Peptides
Driver in immune system and mitochondrial dysregolation
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Publications and books

I have published two scientific papers on the physiology of muscle tissue that are available at Pubmed.

In the year 2022, I completed and published the book on antiaging, Secrets for muscle growth and anti-aging.

The book is available at both Amazon.com in English and on the nutrishop.it in Italian language.


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